Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko revealed to his followers that he was once an avid stoner. Like he’d wake up in the morning and all he did was to smoke bhangi. But that was 25 years ago.

Remember When Mike Sonko Was A Shoe Shiner? [Video]

There are many influential people who’ve abused drugs before, but will never admit it. However, the flamboyant politician revealed this secret on a throwback photo that he shared, saying how he was a disreputable young man.  (Read his post below)Mike_Sonko

God is good all the time. At this age I was a very notorious boy. Bangi ndio zilikuwa zangu but i thank God 25 years down the line, I am a totally and completely reformed person and with a true and living testimony to many. Never give up in life. You too can change from nothing to something just trust in God. Hebu gues kwa hii picha niko wapi na bangi zangu za zamani.

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