King Kaka and Nana Owiti
King Kaka and Nana Owiti

Nana Owiti wife to Kenyan artist King Kaka, has opened up on how she was molested by her uncle for years while she was aged 9.

This caused her trauma for years such that she had to seek therapy. Speaking during Full Circle with Mwikali.

‘I was around 9 years old and I lived with my grandparents. My mum was working in Nairobi.

My mum was very strict so we never had such an open relationship.
We used to share houses and bathrooms and toilets and a sitting room.
We had one bed in the sitting room I used to sleep with my uncle (his mum and my mum were sisters.)

The first time he touched me I told him I did not want and he told me ‘si unishike pia’ I would cry and he would tell me not to tell anyone.

He did it over and over again.

I did not want to tell my mum as I felt it was bad plus we did not have a close relationship.

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Nana added

In 2017 I told my aunty about it and I could see how ashamed she was to have that conversation with me.

I also told my husband about it in 2017, I had never told anyone else about it as I had trust issues.

The first time I told my husband I was pregnant, I was extra emotional and some things were happening in my life and I had to explain it to him.

In conclusion she adds

I went for therapy.

I realized the silence about these things is because people want to protect their family members.

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