Popular gospel celebrity couple are keeping their fans informed about their ongoing weight loss shenanigans. The couple that has been married for three years now want to lose weight. Are they planning for baby number 2? After all Ladasha Belle has been evicted from their bedroom.

“I’m so blessed but i still want another baby,” Size 8 said his his weekly vlog.

The couple went through hell to get Ladasha Belle.  Now they are working at baby number two. To do that they have to evict Ladasha from the comfort of their bedroom to allow for some heated baby making sessions.

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Size 8 said, “I have not been using my babies room, to be honest. This is because she was born prematurely. She was 1.7kgs when we brought her home. Me and my husband, we were so scared to let her sleep in the room alone. She was sleeping in our bedroom. But it is about time for her to fly away from the parents room and get her own room away from the parent’s room. She is fully grown, yeah, you never know maybe we may get baby number two.”

To achieve this feat, Size 8 hired an interior designer.

Our in-house accountants crunched the numbers on how much the eviction of Ladasha Belle cost her parents and they conclusively came up with a round figure of Sh500,000. A cool half a million.

The cost goes to paying the interior designer for his labour and consultation fees, repainting the room, the crib, bassinet, constructing the cabinets from scratch, the fluffy carpet, the wall decorations, the toys, beddings etc.

It is really cool to have doting parents ready to spend good mullah for your comfort. They spent a similar amount for Ladasha’s first birthday party.

Check out the photos of the posh baby room.

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