With the her husband

Gospel artiste Kambua Mathu has shared a beautiful story, leaving many inspired.

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In an exclusive interview with Parents Magazine Kambua talked about her miracle baby, career, motherhood journey and her loving husband Jackson Mathu.


The 35-year-old welcomed her firstborn child on August 10, 2019, through Cs after seven years in marriage but before that, she was often trolled for not having a kid.

For about two years we were focussed on settling and adjusting to being married before we started a family, but the pressure started almost immediately,’ the mother of one said.

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The Nishikilie hit singer praised her pastor husband for standing with her when trolls would attack her.

It’s normal to feel a certain level of disappointment but I’m blessed to have a very strong husband because as much as society blamed me, he carried that burden with me. It hurt him that I was being criticized and put on the spot for not having children and would constantly encourage me, she narrated.

Kambua and husband
With her husband

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The Rauka TV gospel show host just like other celebs developed a thick skin for trolls and kept her faith in God.

Talking about cyberbullying, she said,

I learnt that people, in general, are very insensitive and unkind to couples with fertility issues or have had a long wait. You’d imagine that the fire would come from men because women would be more understanding, but it was almost in equal measure and sometimes women were the ones who fanned those flames.

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