Mwalimu Kingangi has advised Kenyan women to learn how to accept a man even when he does not have much to offer as no one knows what the future holds.

This he said after many women who called in during the Classic 105 morning show said they want a man with money.

‘My insecurity is someone ‘confusing’ My wife Mwongeli,’ says Mwalimu Kingangi

Many of them said that Maina Kageni was their priority for now and that other men would follow later.

An agitated Mwalimu said,

‘Did you hear how those women are saying how they want a man with money?

That is where the problem is.

The beauty about life is that you can pick someone and grow together.’

Mwalimu added that one of the major reasons why women preferred Kageni and not Mike Mondo is because of money.

‘Like now women feel like Mike Mondo’s money is not enough they want you (Maina Kageni) because your basket is full.’

‘Sometimes I am insecure I am not doing enough in my marriage,’ shares Bien

His advise to such women?

‘Take Mike and grow with him. Later on in life you will remind him that you helped fill that basket.

Plus when you grow with a person it’s hard for them to get rid of you.’

He was however shocked at how crazy women go over Maina Kageni.

‘Lakini Maina hawa wanawake wanakupenda sana.’

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