Self-proclaimed richest singer Akothee has called out her counterparts in the music industry for being hypocrites.

Outlining the lessons learnt in 2020, the mother of five wrote;

MUSIC/ FAME: This is the most devilish, heartless merciless industry I ever found myself into, Everyone who wants fame badly will do anything to get to where you are, I did collabos with big stars, you never heard me go on Tv/ radio talking ill of how they mistreated me or how they mishandled me. It’s me who went looking for them, I needed their support, so whatever outcome, I had to take it positively, they dIDN’t need me I needed them. With my stupid being after I made a name, now I started my stupid charity music support, collecting & featuring upcoming artists whom most of them thought it was a right, some tried to make advances at me in studio and put demands in my home calling me midnight, some asked me to delete their faces from my YoUTUBE Chanel after I paid for all the logistics and tried branding them.
Some never showed up to interviews when time for promoting the music came.
Some called and threatened to go on media to create stories If we dIDN’t adhere to their demands.  🤦I am so ashamed to find myself here by the way. It’s over with upcoming artists and collabo/support sh*t, if you want a collabo to follow the right Chanel and do as others doHakuna kuja hapa na huruma then the next day I find my brand all over blogs (Akothee amekula chakula ya mtoto) kwa Akothee sikuopewa chakula) (Akothee has raped an artist in studio)
I still have mad respect for diamond and flavor we meet In concerts and we say haloo 💪 I don’t know if I am the one who knows and understand what business is, or I am just mature and have my sh*t together 💪
This desperation move from upcoming artistES has made me very paranoid that even the innocent ones might miss a chance from my past experience.
Everyone just needs anything that will touch the name Akothee then boom
Wameomoka. Please, build your brand with your own content, you might use a celebrity to gain folLowERS, but then you will need content to feed them.

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She went ahead to expose those who always beg her to post them so that they can get followers but later they forget her.

AKOTHEE POST ME PLEASE: once you post them once, twice they get followers, they taste the fame, they start getting entitled, the day I will say no or forget to POSt them on their birthdays, it’s already a fight 🤦🤦I have created many iNstagram accounts for people and made sure people followed them 🤣🤣🤣, when they taste the fame kidogo ,they think they have made it and can now adDress the nation 🤣🤣, using the same crowd who are my club members having membership in Akothee The brand. They forget that We have a love / hate relationship with my fans, my fans are okey when they are attacking me or insulting me, but they won’t take any sh*t from anyone who tries to insult, downplay or attack me, you will get it both dry and wet. If I ever built you on social media, pleasE be polite and remind yourself where those followers came from, don’t forget and start chest thumping as if you built your own following from Zero, those fans can make you delete your account in one post. So just be humble and moving forward post your content and feed them, followers, stop captions like No celebrity no sh*t, remember where the massive support came from day one 💪
The only challenge is everyone wants to become a celebrity, but nonE of them wants to take the LONG ROUTE 🙏🏻 Good luck . 2021 DON’T SEND ME STUFF TO POST.

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