Kenyans have sent messages of encouragement and prayers to Kibra MP Ken Okoth after he revealed that he was suffering from Stage 4 cancer.

The Kibra MP said he cannot be cured at stage 4 but will manage the disease.

Okoth said on his Facebook wall:

God cannot give you a test that you can’t pass. This I have learnt over the last two years of being sick and adjusting to a “new normal” in my personal and public life.

He was responding to those who wished him well.

Ken Okoth

Ken Okoth. /COURTESY

Here are some of the comments his followers shared:

Mwaniki Ng’ang’a asked Kenyans to spare him eulogies.

Okoth said he had stage 4 cancer. He is still alive though. So, spare him the eulogies and urge him on to live. The man needs encouragement not pity

John Ogutu said,

Good morning Lord Thank you for this new day. Help Ken Okoth to remember that nothing is going to happen to him today and forever, there is nothing that you and him together cannot handle!

Simon Wachira chimed in,

Ken Okoth has been the standard-bearer of causes. He stands for real issues. He stands for Wanjiku. He’s highly respected and a sober performer. Now, we read, he’s been silently battling an incurable disease. It is crippling sad. So sad, at his age. I. feel. for. him. God, this is truly our voice. He’s truly ours. Heal him Jehovah.

Kyrgitt Kalya said,

This is so sad. Can’t wrap my mind around how cancer has ravaged this nation. Ken Okoth is one great leader.

Juliet Mkenya said,

My favorite MP. Sad to hear this. May the almighty God bless you with good health.


Prince Khedira said,

Cancer is cruel; it targets the most productive individuals in the society. Insha Allah he will overcome this.

Moziah Markos said,

I now understand why he has been pushing for legalisation of marijuana. Advanced economies have been using it for cancer treatment. He is one of the best MPs whose development record is unmatched.

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