LGBQ activist Joji Baro

LGBTQ activist and gospel singer George Barasa aka Joji Baro has found a new home.

The activist, who left Kenyan in 2017 following death threats applied for asylum in South Africa but his application was denied.

Joji Baro

Joji Baro during the two-year stay in South Africa experienced a lot of challenges which he said left him traumatised.

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Joji Baro, who had applied for asylum in Canada, while still living in South Africa, was granted permanent residency early in September this year.

Thank you so much for your support. After two years of struggle and suffering, while seeking asylum in South Africa, I was granted permanent residency by Canada. Thank you all for the monetary and moral support. The petition you shared was successful too,’ Joji tweeted.

Joji Baro LGBTQ activist
Joji Baro LGBTQ activist

Speaking in a phone interview with Mpasho, the gospel singer, who publicly came out as gay and HIV positive on national TV couldn’t hide his joy.

It has been a journey that started with rejection and ended with acceptance. I was rejected by my family, my village, then my school, country and eventually my continent,’ he said.

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He went head to encourage gays back in Kenya, who are going through a lot of challenges among them stigmatization.

It has been a journey of twists and turns. I suffered over things that are beyond my power and control. I just want to give hope to the Kenyan gays to not think that they are glued in Kenya. If their rights are not being respected they can leave. There is a whole world out there that is ready to welcome them with both hands. No one has to go through what I went through to be free. Many don’t have a chance to get out of their misery. I hope my life will inspire someone to never give up no matter what challenges they are facing in life. I now have a safer platform to continue with my activism and I’ll continue to champion for their rights at a safer zone,’ he said.

Homosexuality is still illegal in Kenya.

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