Big Kev

It has been a painful journey for popular events organizer, Kevin Ombajo, aka Big Kev over the last few years.

Pray For Him! Events Honcho Big Kev Gives Tear-Jerking Details About Losing Eye Sight And Family Being Told To Prepare For Worse

Kev, the founder of an entertainment company has had to endure surgery after surgery to remove tumors in his brain.

So far, he has been under the knife for a record 13 times; the last of which was an emergency case on January 4th this year.

Before that, he went for a surgery in India, which resulted in him losing his sight. During this specific operation on October 10th, 2016, the doctors had even informed his family to prepare for the worst; a very painful experience indeed.

Despite all this, he has remained strong and his will to move on with life has never been so strong!

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Well, Kev was to endure yet another surgery either yesterday or today. He, however, had just one wish.

Before heading to the theatre, Big Kev asked for prolific singer Kidum to go to his bed side at Nairobi Hospital and sing for him one of his favourite songs.

This was narrated by Kidum himself, via his Facebook page.

He wrote:

“Big Kev on his bed in Nairobi hospital told his family members that he would want to meet me before he is taken to a surgery! First was Bruce Odhiambo who told me about a concert in carnivore about raising the funds for our friend Big Kev on this Friday but today Thursday everyone was calling me about the message Big Kev wanted to give me on his hospital bed. I couldn’t hold my tears after he spoke to me. God has spoken to me through him. He requested this song Nipe Nguvu.”

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He also attached the video below as he belted the tune, much to the delight of Big Kev…

On February 11th this year, there will be a fundraising dinner in his support. The event, dubbed Big Love for Big Kev, is a collaborative effort of Kenya’s events and entertainment industries.