Wendy Waeni

Gymnast Wendy Waeni has shocked the nation after exposing her manager (now former) Joe Mwangi as a rogue man.

Wendy Waeni

In an interview with Jeff Koinange, Wendy said,

I have performed all over the world but I’ve never gotten a penny from it and that is because of my previous manager (Joe Mwangi). I live n a single room in Huruma with my mother.

Wendy Waeni

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Waeni, a Form 1 student at a city High School narrated how her mother is struggling to fend for her family.

My mother is really suffering. She’s working right now (10 pm). She sells sweets and cigarettes at night and we’re in this situation because of Joe Mwangi. Ever since I started performing across the globe, my mum has never gotten a single penny.

The emotional Wendy, who many think is living large from the flashy posts on her social media accounts yet in the real sense she’s suffering, has been branded rude by a section of her fans.

Wendy Waeni

But she hasn’t been aware of what Joe Mwangi used to post or comment using her pages.

He is the one who has been running her accounts.


It ‘s really so sad when people tell me I’m rude, I am a brat because I post things on Instagram which I don’t really know. I don’t have access to my social media accounts. It’s Joe Mwangi who controls them.

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Kenyans have been touched by Wendy Waeni’s sad story and called upon DCI to arrest Mwangi for using the gymnast for all these years.

Comments include;

Jimalo There is no shame in this country at all. A grown ass man like Joe Mwangi even has the audacity to con a young girl like Wendy. Mbona tuko hivi?

Kalolki Mwalimi Can the guy be arrested as early as 5am @DCI_Kenya

Wendy Waeni

Joseph Kimonyi Only God knows what else this Joe Mwangi has done to Wendy Waeni. Does he travel with this kid alone? Where do they sleep when they jet out of the country? #JKLive @fidakenya

Abala Kinyua It is very sad that such a talented soul like Wendy Waeni is suffering yet some con artist has disappeared with her investment. That Joe Mwangi should be sought and taught a good lesson by the law. @KoinangeJeff, that girl needs help.

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Martin Ngugi Let me take this early opportunity and apologize to Wendy Waeni. I all along thought that she is a rude girl with what “she” had been posting on Twitter. Wendy am really sorry…to you Joe Mwangi, get a life

Britney Michelle This Joe Mwangi guy has not only destroyed Waeni’s life…But portrayed a different Waeni to the world. People calling her brat and rude. People thinking she’s a “cool kid”
And all along it was a full grown man behind the account
Shame on him
Sorry Waeni

Makelo Why would an adult do this to a child? Heartless human beings!

DD The little girl Wendy was being conned, not just the money but her online persona wasn’t that of a little girl. The fucker Joe Mwangi was running her account unintelligently, sometimes making adult tweets on an account that belonged to a kid. We exposed him. @Asamoh_