It is 2017. This only signals that it is time for new things and new dispensations.

After her very public and nasty breakup with Sean Andrews, Youtuber Elodie has decided to move on. The break up was super nasty and words were exchanged. Stinging words. Read all about it here…

Kibaki’s Grandson Dumps YouTube Girlfriend On Instagram Calls Her ‘Toxic’ And A ‘Drug’ User (Photo Evidence)

She moved to Paris in 2016 because one of her family members got a job opportunity. In April she moved back to Kenya to work on her Youtube video and relationship with Sean.

She says that her work productivity was affected by the move and her relationship woes.

“What made the situation even worse is that a lot of people felt that they needed to be involved in the breakup as well. How all this affected me is that a lot of rumours started circulating around. An nobody knows the real reason why we broke up,” she said in a Youtube Video.

Elodie describes her relationship and mentally and emotionally abusive.

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Here is her response. To her haters. She doesn’t specify who.

She wrote, “The family who hates you and the friends who dislike you. His people who disrespect you and the lifestyle he disapproves of…ohh, that’s it. There’s no end to the quote.”

Anyhow, here are a collection of photos that prove, Elodie has moved on and is ready to love again.

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