Monica Kimani
The late Monica Kimani

Monica Kimani was killed in a grisly fashion last week. While the whole country has been engulfed in the ensuing mess that has transpired, one man has been in more pain than some.

Monica Kimani's parents
Monica’s funeral

And that man is most likely Yasir Mohammed the man who planned to marry Monica Kimani according to the Nairobian. The man was a regular visitor to Kenya and his last visit came 3 months ago.

Monica Kimani
The late Monica

Yasir is said to travel a lot around East Africa as it is believed that he is in a senior position in the company he works for in South Sudan.

According to the Nairobian, George Kimani the brother to the deceased described Yasir as:

He is a fun-loving but reserved gentleman who has even been to our Thika home where he introduced himself.

Monica’s dad Pastor Ngarama, however, did not know Yasir so well. He explained to the Nairobian:

I have scanty information about him but I know he comes from Sudan.

Monica Kimani's parents
The parents at the funeral

The deceased father said that his wife Millicent was the one who was well versed in the personal details of their late daughter.

Monica will surely be missed by her boyfriend as she was said to be a woman who loved life and enjoyed travelling to exotic locations around the world.

The late Monica enjoying her life

All we can say is that we here at condole with Yasir and the family Monica left behind.

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