First class suites

While most people will never step foot in a first class suite on a plane, others are lucky enough to travel with personal butlers, fine-dining meals and luxury amenities at their fingertips.

These fortunate jet-setters have gathered in an Australian frequent flyers group on Facebook to share some of their favourite parts about luxury travel – and the lavish perks they enjoy each time they board.

One corporate man who flew on an Emirates flight from Auckland to Melbourne recently uploaded a number of photos of his private suite, a menu of high-end food and a very fancy entertainment system.

Nothing better than a shower in the sky,’ he wrote enthusiastically of his bathroom.

Meanwhile, another man ‘lucky enough’ to fly on Qatar Airlines A380 from Melbourne to Doha had the whole cabin to himself. He said:

Although there’s no shower, the toilet is a work of elegance and comfort. The in flight lounge looks awesome as well.

Meanwhile, a passenger on Asiana’s A380 First Class said the airline doesn’t get nearly as much attention as it should.

‘My fiancé and I flew together and it was one of our best flights together,’ the man began.

‘The cabin was immaculate, so clean and well presented from boarding to landing. The seat was amazingly spacious with lots of controls to adjust how you like it, and I’m 6ft tall.

We had four appetiser courses including a caviar course, main, cheese course and dessert. I even had my fillet steak medium rare – which is rare on a flight!

He praised the service, lavish drinks menu and hospitality and said it was almost more superior than a Qantas flight he had previously been on.

One person even got the chance to stay in the apartment-like suites on Etihad’s A380 – with photos showing a well-dressed butler showing him around the bedroom quarters.

Bvlgari perfumes and soaps were offered for customers to wash with – or take home – and LED lighting on the floor of the bathroom left a futuristic impression.

The average cost of a first-class ticket depends on the airline but usually starts at $14,635.


Credits: Daily Mail