Pastor Elisha Misiko

Remember the coast based church in which a pastor stabbed his wife during a praise and worship session before taking his own life at the pulpit? Well, it has been demolished.

The Ground for God’s Gospel (3G) Ministries at Chembani village in Kiembeni, Mombasa is no more.

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Pastor Elisha MisikoIt was pulled down on Sunday in the presence of relatives of the late Pastor Elisha Nandoya.

Apparently, the reason the church was demolished is because of the letter that the pastor left before he committed suicide and after stabbing the wife.

One of his last wishes was that the church is brought down.

According to the suicide note, the pastor wrote, “All members have agreed that the plot belonged to the late pastor Elisha Nandoya and it was also agreed that the church will possess the power meter and power cable, keyboard and the sound speakers.”


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Elisha Misiko

Violet Belia, Nandoya’s sister, revealed that after deliberations, the two families agreed to hand over the property to her family.

“We have decided to demolish the church. The land is now in our custody and we will see what to do with it to help the children of my late brother,” she said.

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