Last week, I was contacted with a story about a fight between Capital FM employees Anita Nderu and Miss Mandii. Actually, it more of a beating received by Anita Nderu who was beaten like a dog by Miss Mandii -who was incidentally fired from Kiss 100 after being at the company for just a week.

Anyway, the story is told about Miss Mandii needing to use the bathroom and feeling that Anita Nderu was taking too long. It is alleged that this happened at the Capital FM team building retreat and Capital FM executives sought to keep the entire fiasco under wraps.

Anyway, so Miss Mandii got a hold of Anita Nderu and gave her a thorough beating while the rest of the Capital FM group stood by and watched. It was alleged that the onlookers only got involved when the fight threatened to become more serious -not to trivialize the fight however as it ended with Anita Nderu needing medical attention:

snap1 snap2



The last print screen is rather chilling. It alleges that Miss Mandii attempted to throw Anita Nderu into the fireplace! My word!