The next general elections will make or break the country CT. Recent shenanigans that have gotten everyone’s panties in knots, we all best calm the eff down or we’ll burn our countryto ashes.

Moses Kuria recently threatened to insert a broken beer bottle up MP Millie Odhiambo’s private lady parts in a social media post, that he later deleted. Check it out here.

‘I Will Insert A Broken Beer Bottle Deep Down…’ Moses Kuria Threatens Female Politician (SCREENSHOT)

Now, a man claiming to be a member of the elite recce team has posted photos of bullet its original package and said they are meant for two opposition MPs.

In the picture posted on social media, the man identified as Kipchirchir Alfie claims the bullets will be used to shoot vocal opposition MPs namely Millie Odhiambo and Junet Mohamed.

Unverified reports stated Kipchirchir schooled at Meteitei High School in Nandi County before going for further training at the Metropolitan Police College in London.

He also claimed in his Facebook to have worked for the elite Presidential unit and is currently a field commander at the Kiganjo Police Training College.

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Kipchirchir has not shied from exhibiting his support for the activities of Jubilee Party despite being a police officer.

He frequently posts pictures pausing in police helicopters and on motorbikes.

Last year during the ODM and Kanu demonstrations against IEBC he posted, “Some idiot went to the streets to demonstrate. He is now dead. A mother lost a son, a new widow in town, probably orphans left behind because of a stupid fool. Na bado….. Akili hamtumii (Sic).

On the 27th of August this year, the man of the uniform also posted,

“I don’t subscribe to this con (Pastor David Awuor) but i have to agree he has beaten me hands down. The mere fact that i was part of the overseeing security team yet i believe him not killed it. By the way this guy must be illuminati… he is a crowd puller. prophet for president. (sick).”

Efforts to reach police spokesman to verify the man’s identity bore no fruits.

‘Millie Odhiambo Needs Something To Soothe Her Nunu,’ Pastor Shouts At Politician