Huddah Monroe

Huddah Monroe is crushing on Harmonize, the last person whose name you would guess if you had to -because maybe someone is pointing a gun to your head and you’ve run out of names.

I now believe the saying, ‘love is blind’.


When asked whom she would date, the socialite confidently revealed she was crushing on the WCB artiste.

“Harmonize. I think Harmonize is a very humble guy. I met him like three years ago through Zari and Diamond. Hana maneno mingi. I think ananipenda sana.”

She went ahead to say that Kenyan men are too stingy for her to date.

“I feel like Kenyan men are very stingy. I want a man to help me because I feel like a relationship is a partnership. If I’m your woman and I have a business and you can’t help me and you have money, then what’s your purpose in my life?”


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Adding, “Most Kenyan men don’t help their women.”

Harmonize has been getting some dollars and his posh lifestyle is evidence of that. For Huddah, looks don’t matter as long as you are not poor.

“I’m more comfortable dating a rich man.”She told Wasafi TV

Huddah once dated the vice-president from a country that she didn’t mention. Also, she was in a relationship with a professional footballer for a ‘big team’.

“I was dating somebody who was very wealthy, alikua ni vice-president wa country fulani after that I dated somebody else who was a footballer in a very big team.”

Huddah Monroe