Captain kale
Captain kale

Controversial Captain Kale who is known from calling Maina Kageni and Kingangi in the morning is actually a mooshy guy.

Captain Kale is known for bashing women and spewing mysogynistic trash but deep down he is a soft guy who actually loves.

Not. A. Garbage. Human. At. All.

In one instance, Captain Kale summarised that,

“Women suffer from verbal diarrhea. Mdomo ya mwanamke haiwezi fungika, inakuwanga open tu. There are no men like Kenyan men. They are just using lots of English words for nothing.”

See what I mean?Captain Kale

Leaked SMS between angry husband and Captain Kale, ‘She has saved you as sweet honey!’ (Screenshot)

Anyhow, he also said, if he wasn’t married, he would have bagged a twilight girl off Koinange street because, according to Captain Kale, they are more trustworthy and wife material than the puritanical chics he sees around.

I know a number of women from Koinange that got married to my friends and there are perfect wives.Dont go around there looking for virgins or what to marry those are the one in hurry to get in to marriage leave them alone.In fact I was praying to God if I was not married right now I wish to get a woman who has gone even with even 50 men , those people with experience in life.

kale-1Captain Kale has now unleashed his wife from the first time ever.

“Mkauliza saaaana haiya, there you go! She’s more beautiful than yours! Make up ni wewe! Ok sitaki maswali oooh sijui oooh sijui! Tuskize Classic 105 Dr Love kwa pamoja!,” Captain Kale said.


“She’s a woman but with roho ya mwanaume, amenishika mkono all through tangu tujuane, she has been there for me through thick and thin, close to 10 years now and we’re still going strong, infact stronger day by day! I really thank God for her. Not even death will separate us oooh!”

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Kenyans were visibly impressed. Here is what some of them commented about his wife’s looks.

Mwalimu Amos: Na unajua tu kuchagua kama mimi. Kumbe vile tumekuwa marafiki ulinicopy!

Queen Ivanna: She’s damn pretty for the first time u intoducing her lol…bt huwa unajipenda sana.

Luciveen Jeruto Ronoh: Ukiona comments imefika 400 kuna wivu mahali 😂😂😂😂.

Elizabeth Mwanzia: Woow shez too cute aki sijui alitoana na chizi kaa wewe wapi.

Captain KaleMike Chumba: You been unfairly hiding her much, what a beauty! What prettiness! Now we know. No doubt, beautiful her.

Divinah D. Nyabokee: Kidogo kidogo utasikia Maina akiyaoo!!finally Captain Kale posts apic of his beautiful wife on Facebook and OMG guys you can’t believe it people were all over his wall with positive comments 😂😂😂😂😂 nangoja iyo..ati ulipata likes mob uneza nunua nazo land Muthaiga🙌🏿.

Maureen Jelagat: She’s my neighbour n a learned friend… She’s a lawyer…

Wakesho Maghanga: Roho imependa kabisa utupatie full plate sio…ndio manake ..wat a natural beauty! She’s the Queen of cap Kale.

Komen Komen: Waah what a beauty, she’s stunning and gorgeous that’s why unakafichanga Sana.

Meet the raving beauty everyone is talking about.

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