Boda boda

Days are gone when women were meant to be home keepers, giving birth and just be plain sex objects. In the past, many revolved around the kitchen and doing all household chores but as the days pass by, things have changed. Technology has really brought a lot of changes. Nowadays, women are competing with their male counterparts in different fields from politics to media  even in the transport industry.

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We have seen women shine in the male-dominated fields and we are proud of them. Well, photos of the only female bodaboda rider Mary Mukami in Kiambu County or rather in Kenya have caused a stir on social media. Unlike many women of nowadays who discriminate on jobs, Mary is different. She has taken her job seriously and just like her male counterparts, she is hard working despite the challenges that come along.

Popular blogger Robert Alai has a chance to meet with Mary Mukami and here is what he had to say about this

“Mary Mukami Githongo, is the only female Boda Boda rider in Kiambu. She told me that she is facing a myriad of challenges in the male dominated profession but the Kiambu Police have really helped protect her.

The Kiambu town OCS has been supportive. #KaziNiKazi.”

Here are the photos