Othuol Othuol
Aunti Boss actor Alloyce

Ben Maurice alias Othuol Othuol was a great comedian. He has been eulogised as a humble and multitalented being.

Othuol, who also featured in TV series Auntie Boss, which used to air on NTV before it came to an end a few months ago, died after a long battle with a brain tumour and TB.

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The comedian, who was known for his green signature suit, every time he appeared on Churchill Show or at events talked about his death on March 1, 2020.
He that just made a comeback on the comedy show after missing in action for almost a year.
While on stage, Othuol, who was wearing a green suit and a white t-shirt on that day, thanked the godfather of Kenyan comedy Churchill for paying for his hospital bills.
He also gave thanks to God for another chance.
Othuol Othuol
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The comedian went ahead to share his dream, which has now come to be a premonition.

Othuol Othuol talked about how he dreamt that he had gone to heaven and was living in a golden house.

“Mbinguni ni kuzuri, nyinyi tendeni tuu dhambi. mimi niliona nyumba yangu ya gold kwa ndoto. Nilikuwa nimeamka nabrush meno asubuhi na huko mbinguni venye huwa unaspit maji huko unaspit maziwa. Nilikuwa nimefunga towel ya silver kwa nyumba yangu. nikaona Abraham anapita akaniambia ‘Othuol…’ Nikamwambiwa ‘kuja uone’, alikuwa anaenda kuchunga ng’ombe za kukamuliwa jioni. Akaniambia ‘kuja uone’, nikamwambia siwezi ingia mbINguni saa hii na nianze kuchunga ng’ombe lazima niishi kidogo.”

Below is the emotional video

Check out reactions from Kenyans.

Jane Wanjiru At the end…….He began talking to Abraham in heaven …..only to find him truly joining him there😓…..my his soul rest in peace…😔.

Caroline Wanjiku He dreamt having gone to heaven and saw his beautiful house, his dream came true. Fare thee well.

Sam Keys He was my favorite comedian on TV show auntie boss,, Aloysius Mackenzie 😭so saad..I just hope that his in heaven like the last joke about heaven he cracked.

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Captain local world Giving your life to Jesus is the best decision you’ll ever make in your life for no one knows tomorrow R.I.P brother.

Mishen Emily who else feels Othuol was envisaging his death. RIP bro.

Jane Wanjiru At the end…….He began talking to Abraham in heaven …..only to find him truly joining him there😓…..my his soul rest in peace…

Shariff Alkadhym Lala salama…I can’t believe umeongelea kufa and now you’re no more 😥 rest in peace.

Penninah The grace. Wah God is amazing, I can’t hold my tears.