Gun Bullets

A Garissa court granted the police seven days to conclude their investigation and arraign CID officers accused of killing two people in Garissa.

Garissa senior resident magistrate Timothy Ole Tanju declined to grant the investigation team 14 days they had requested to hold Aden Ibrahim Salat and Abdirahman Roble Samow at the Garissa police station to allow them to conclude their investigations.

The duo allegedly shot dead Aden Abdi Madobe and Muhiyadin Adow Shibin at Soko ng’ombe on Saturday afternoon following a scuffle with victims as they were arresting a murder suspect on the run.

The investigating officer Paul Mwita in a sworn affidavit said that they are yet to record witness statement and also obtain ballistic examination report. The firearms of the officers have since been confiscated.

The accused are expected in court on of August 4.

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Earlier on, the Garissa law courts compound was jammed as early as 8:00am with family members, relatives, friends and curious onlookers who wanted to have a glimpse of the suspects. Anti-riot police took vigil in and around the court premises.

But that was not to be as the officers were sneaked in using a probox catching everybody unawares including journalists who had camped at the gate from as early as 8:00am.

The processing of the suspects in court took a record of five minutes before they were whisked away in a speeding vehicle.

The killings sparked demonstrations for better part of Saturday and Sunday with several shops being looted by goons who took advantage of the melee.

Leaders from the area, led by Governor Ali Korane, condemned the incident demanding justice for the victims’ families.

North Eastern Regional Commissioner Nicodemus Ndalana yesterday met family and community members of the deceased where he assured them that thorough investigation will be carried out on the matter to ensure justice is served to all concerned parties.

“The matter is being handled by several investigative arms of the government including IPOA. I want to assure you that you will get justice,” Ndalana said.

The regional commissioner appealed to the families and the general public to remain calm to enable the investigative agencies to do their job.

Garissa women representative Anab Subow, who was among those who attended the meeting, said that the residents and Kenyans at large were keenly following the case.

“As leaders from the area, we are demanding nothing short of justice to the victim. Remember justice delayed is justice denied,” Subow said.

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“Even as we continue to condemn the unfortunate incident, we want to see the officers prosecuted. We want to caution against any attempt to cover up the incident,” she added.

Subow who comes from the same clan with the two slain men regretted that their lives were cut short by police officers who are supposed to protect them together with their properties.

The clan’s Sultan Harun Khalif who also attended the meeting said that going forward they would meet with the aim of pulling resources together that will be channelled to the family members of the two deceased men.

KNA by Jacob Songok

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