Waswahili walinena, mambo ni kanganya huenda yakija. Following his acrimonious ‘divorce’ with one of Kenya’s top record houses some weeks ago, renown music producer and rapper Visita is on the spot.

Before quitting Grandpa Records, the sound engineer (real name Nixon Wesonga) was the label’s ‘second in command’ after CEO and founder Yusuf Noah aka Refigah. However, cracks emerged in their working relationship which led to their fall out a few weeks ago.

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Although Refigah has kept a tight-lip with regards to what transpired between the two, it has been suggested that ideological differences was the main reason to the clash. A few days after Visita walked out of Grandpa, he started hyping his new venture, a record stable now known as Hela Records.

He even flooded his social media pages with photos of him, and rapper Kenrazy, at the new studios. Formerly, the two worked as a compatible duo at the Kibera-based stable, until Kenrazy left in equally mysterious circumstances early this year.


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However, questions have been raised concerning the eligibility and existence of Hela Records. This follows claims by the chief producer at the Nairobi-based record label Higher Level Musik, who has alleged that Visita (and Kenrazy) used his facility to falsify the existence of Hela Records.

Jilly Baby, who also previously worked at Grandpa, alleges that the photos Visita posted on social media were nothing more but a lie.

He said on phone:

“Visita called me sometime last week and asked me if I could help him use my studio for a day. As a friend, I told him it’s fine. He came over with Kenrazy and I left them at the studio. But I was shocked when I later received photos of my studio bearing Hela Records’ logo. All along, for the two days they (Visita and Kenrazy) were at my studio, I didn’t know they had ulterior motives.”

So, does Hela Records exist or not? We reached out to Visita on phone who said that the studio was based along Mombasa Road. Coincidentally, Higher Level Musik is also located along the same road.

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So, can we pay you a visit some day next week?

“Yes you can but you know sometimes I could be on tight schedules with studio sessions. I think it’s better if we could meet somewhere else,” said Visita.