Dead People

A night of passion turned tragic in Malindi,Kilifi County after a 78 year old German man was found dead in a hotel room after a night out with a woman.

The deceased  has been identified as Detering Herman, a tourist of passport number C3K6FV281.

It is alleged that he was killed on Monday night.

He was found  with cuts and scratch marks in the face, back and neck. It is suspected that Mary strangled Herman after getting into a fight with him.

Herman booked himself into a room at Moriema Cottages in Malindi in the company of his alleged girlfriend identified only as Mary, a Kenyan citizen.

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The scratch marks, authorities suspect, were inflicted by Mary using her nails.

Kelly Kazungu, a receptionist at the accommodation facility, told police that he grew suspicious when Herman failed to wake up the whole day.

At 7:30pm Tuesday, Kazungu went to Herman’s room — 177 — and peeped through the window and saw Herman lying on a bed, whose sheets were stained with blood.

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