Music producer Collins Mutindi has been producing music for the deaf. The 34-year-old said that just like any other person, deaf people also understand music is their language.

“Just like anyone who understands music written in any language, they understand music translated in sign language. Everyone is deaf to a different language, that is how a deaf person is deaf to the language that is not sign.”

So why did he venture into sign language?

“It is because I found out that sign is a language that is neglected,” he said.

Collins Mutindi

Mutindi has already released seven projects, some of which he does for free. Everyday, he is learning and meeting new people who have interest in this.

He has mentored some individuals as well. People are getting more interested and he is happy that they are appreciating.

The producer-cum-events planner says he asked God to bless him and in return, he would give back to the society.

“I vowed to God if he helps me to have a breakthrough in music, I will serve the deaf. It has grown slowly but sure. It was like a covenant between me and God.”

He said it has also not been a bed of roses as the curriculum is not in Kiswahili, “We can have two videos for one song and it is hard to translate and it takes time. We also like the fact that our video vixens are also deaf.”

This year, he aims to have more events with sign language interpreters that will help the deaf understand the events.

“I’d like to see a football match interpreted in sign language. It will be the most beautiful thing ever. Imagine an advertisement with sign language.”

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