One of the luckiest months in the world is August and if you have a high affinity for money, you simply mustn’t be left out.

It’s no secret, especially for parents, that the august holidays can be particularly taxing because of the extra expenses of having children at home and the forthcoming school fees for the third term. That shouldn’t stop you from being creative, right?

Here’s three ways you can make money while you sleep.

1. In sales? Follow-up your prospects

Make a point to review your calendar and remind yourself which people you wanted to meet with from January to June. Follow up with them before August gets too old. It’s a surprisingly good time to contact them. Pick up the phone and call your highest potential prospects.

Oh, and before you make that call, make sure you’ve rehearsed. Your pitch should convey that you can deliver a high-value, problem–solving solutions for your client. You need to see to it that you’ll be celebrating the arrival of a new client and perhaps a new contract to sign this month!

2. Upgrade your skills

See to it that this month, you will be upgrading your skill set. The month of August can be a great time to pursue additional opportunities for professional development. Obtain a certification. Attend some seminars and workshops. Search for a free webinar or two. Bottom line, sharpen your competitive edge.

August certainly holds numerous opportunities that fatten your revenue stream into the fourth quarter (and beyond) if you’re willing to work it.

3. Play to win

Smart people do their homework and align odds in their favor. This applies in every aspect of their lives – from planning their future to placing a wager. Case in point, the most famous jackpot in the country right now, courtesy of Sportpesa.

All it takes is your desire to win and some homework on your part. You actually don’t have to predict all 13 games correctly because you’ll get rewarded for predicting 10, 11 or 12 games. Your investment? 100/= bob.

Sportpesa JackpotBonus_04Aug
Sportpesa JackpotBonus_04Aug

Don’t let August catch you off-guard. Make some money and be above the average.