William Kabogo
The Kabogos

Life is good not to everyone but those with money. If you doubt this, ask the rich people. Well, flamboyant Kiambu governor’s family are among the lucky Kenyans who are stinking rich. His family’s lifestyle says a lot about them. Kabogo is married with two sons whose lifestyles has always leave many covetous and super envious.

Breathtaking Photos Of Governor Kabogo, His Cute Wife And Children That Will Leave You Yearning To Be Part Of Them

The Kiambu County Boss is among the few politicians who spend time with their families. Kabogo has been pictured severally spending quality time with his brood.

Well, Kabogo’s wife Philomena is also supportive to her family. But despite her family’s fame, Kiambu County’s First Lady loves her private life and that’s why little is known about her. She is not as famous as her flamboyant husband or her sons.

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Well, Philomena is not only the ordinary wife of a governor but also a fashionista if I must say. Her dress code speaks volume. She also lives a lavish life like her counterparts. Below are her latest photos, check out