Juma Jux,Maina Kageni and Nyashinski

Nyashinski recently officiated his union to Zippy Bett and one thing to note is how his buddies came out in large numbers to support him.

Have you ever asked yourself who your friends are?

Well here are Nyashinki’s boys club members. Some might be in his white wedding groom line up.


Bien Barasa a member of Sauti Sol is a member of Nyashinki’s boy’s club.

He is that tall dark and handsome guy who lurks everywhere.

Apart from Kabogo, meet the boys club in Maina Kageni’s wedding committee

Juma Jux

Jux and Nyash may not be BFF’s but they are definitely friends. They have collaborated in the jam ‘In-case You Didn’t Know’.

They have maintained communication and if Nyashinski was to wed today we are sure he would consider inviting Jux.

Juma Jux,Maina Kageni and Nyashinski


Nameless and Nyashinski have been buddies for as long as we can remember, when the Kenyan music industry was still crawling they were still there to support each other.

Now that they are household names they are still buddies.

Nyashinski and Nameless

Big Pin

Chrispin Mwagale was best known in the 90’s when he launched his music career. He is known for songs such as Talk To You, Benteba among others.

He has recently collaborated in ‘Wakilisha’ alongside Nameless ,Jegede and Stivo Simpo Boy.

Big Pin and Nyashinski

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For those born after the 90’s Roba is Nyashinski’s BFF. Actually, he is more like a brother.

Before going solo Nyashinski was a member of Kleptomaniax which comprised of himself, Roba and Collo.


Savara is definitely in Nyashinki’s boys squad.


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Chimano is the icing on the cake when it comes to the boy’s squad. In-case you are wondering he is a member of Sauti Sol.


Maina Kageni

The prominent radio personality should be officially declared a BFF to everybody. He is approachable and the kind of friend you can go to.

If Nyashinski does not invite him to his wedding we will definitely riot.

Maina Kageni
Maina Kageni

Who do you think is missing from the list?

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