Today morning, the Classic 105 studio was on fire as Maina Kageni came face to face with his all-time crash, Sanaipei Tande. 14 years ago, he propositioned Sanaipei to have his child. She is yet to respond favourably to this request.

The king of radio went on air and complimented Sanaipei,

“My God, you should see Sanaipei is looking so good she is sooo voluptuous …anakaa poa.”

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Maina went ahead to ask her,

“Who is this boy and first of all why did you refuse to give me a baby?”

Sanaipei responded,

“Ati? Maina….”

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Maina cut her off and said,

“I had given Sana a proposition, how many years ago was that?

Sana said, “My gosh I cannot even remember that was when I first joined Classic 105 as a presenter, in 2007.”


“But you see Maina, you told me, that if I never have to work a single day in my life nikupatie motto. That part for, I will never work a single day in my life, I don’t believe it. Taking care of that baby is work”

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Maina went ahead to defend his proposition by laying out the details of the deal.

“That is the proposition I made to sana, you will never have to work a single day of your life. I would be giving you pocket money of Ksh 500,000 every month. na gari… na nyumba nzuri Lavington. by the way, My mum told me if I get married she will give me a house in Lavington.

Sanaipei said,

“Oh my goodness, you did not mention that figure. For real? Now, these are the details you left out when we were having that conversation, they would have encouraged me.”

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Sanaipei was in the studio with B classic to promote their hit single Nakuja.

Check out the new music video below.

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