Maina Kageni

A Kenyan woman shocked Maina Kageni after narrating to him how she has been trying for so long to get his attention to no avail.

Maina was shocked to learn the lady even had his contacts.

‘I have texted you so many times but you always ignore me.’

Maina responded saying ‘where did you get my number from? I do not reply to numbers that I have not saved.’ said a shocked maina Kageni

*Jane added,

‘If a man tells me no I just move on to the next man I like.

I go for men who know what they want and men who have cash.

I cannot struggle with a man and I am not struggling myself.’

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*Rose also said she had been trying to get the attention of Mike Mondo of Classic 105.

Narrating her woes to Maina *Rose said,

‘Maina there are two types of men, there are men like Mwalimu Kingangi who are married and unavailable.

Then there are men like you and Mike Mondo, men who are single and not searching.

I am always in the DM of Mike Mondo, sadly he never responds to my messages.

He gives me blue ticks.’

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On being asked on whether she has ever approached a man, Rose said,

‘In a club I approach a man and ask him if he is taken or if he is single.

If he is not taken we start chatting, he is the one to buy the drinks.

If he ‘talks’ nicely ntampea the same night, life is too short to hold back.’

Ladies would you ever approach a man you like?

Men do you like it when women approach you first?


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