Allan and Kathy Kiuna

Celebrated JCC founders Bishop Allan and his wife Kathy Kiuna have celebrated their 26th marriage anniversary.

The religious power couple is blessed with three beautiful children and has three grandkids.

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Celebrating their anniversary, Kathy penned a touching message to her better half which read;

26 Years of God’s faithfulness and he still gives me butterflies, yooooh! I have been with you almost half of my life, and if anything has changed, it’s that my eyes sparkle more, my smile has grown wider and my heart has grown more fond of you. Thank you for being my best friend, a shoulder to lean on, the reason behind my smile, my helping hand on my weak days, my spiritual covering, my husband and life mate. Marriage may not be a walk in the park, but you make the walk worth it. I could do life all over again with you, I’m delighted to be your wife, I am honored to be married to a man of varlour, excellence, dilligence, honor, a man who loves God and people for real. Am so blessed to have gotten married to my best friend, my original bad boy but beyond that you @bishopkiuna are a man of great worth and of great value.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY @bishopkiuna and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to us honey. ❤️

Kathy Kiuna

Her husband, on the other hand, showered her with praises and he wrote,

26 years together and it feels like we just got started!!!! Am so grateful to God for ordering my steps to marry my best friend!!!! Am blessed beyond words!!! To my beloved, When I saw you twenty six years ago by the phone booth, I never imagined life with you could be this amazing. You have not only traveled with me throughout the world, you have rocked with me through the storms, walked with me through the fire, ran with me over the walls of life, fought battles FOR and WITH me. You encouraged me through my darkest moments, stayed with me through my weakest days and so in my happiest day, my birthday, I am glad that I get to share our anniversary. If given a chance to redo life, I would wanna do it with you all over and in the years the Lord shall give us, I want to share the moments with you by my side. It has been wonderful to grow younger with you, to be grandparents together, to watch our ministry blossom together, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Thank you for making me happy, making me shine, for respecting and submitting to me through it all. Thank you for covering my head, speaking of me with honor and for creating an environment of peace in our home. Even in a season of so much uncertainty, I am assured and certain of your love for me and even though the world would stop, I know your love for me is eternal. Thank you for giving me a place to lay my head, thank you for giving me wonderful babies, for holding my hand and be assured that I’ll hold yours forever. I’ve got your back, HAPPY 26TH BABY.!! YOU ARE THE BEST. @revkathykiuna

Below are messages from their followers;

size8reborn Uuuuuuuuwwwwwwiiiiiiii ❤️❤️❤️❤️

maryaprude Happy Anniversary♥️♥️♥️ Happy Birthday Bishop

prophetesmonicah Happy anniversary🙌🙌🙌🙌

wahukagwi Happy anniversary guys !!! Keep the fire burning! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

rosyohon A Good Man, only the Lord can give.
Happy Anniversary to you both @revkathykiuna & @bishopkiuna
We love you both so much.

vitalisjane Woooow..That’s words 💪😘😘

hafnershiko Happy anniversary mum and dad🎊

faithsivan Happy Anniversary!! 🎊🎊

ms.engmoraa Happy anniversary 🙏🙏😍

nenemuthoni1 Happy birthday Bishop❤️❤️

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