Diamond Platnumz is in South Africa and videos of him spending time with his kids have gone viral.

Zari Hassan, his baby mama welcomed him into her house, prepared food for him and his team and the two looked happy together.

Well, it seems the ex-lovers will be spending about 30 days together. Diamond revealed this in a recent interview.

“I will be in South Africa for a month, I’m going to prepare for my album, it will be released this year.”

He will be preparing for his second album, his first album ‘A Boy From Tandale’ was launched in 2018 at the Kenya National Theatre, Nairobi.

Zari has in the past insisted that she is co-parenting with the Tanzanian singer and that she has already moved on with another man, Dark Stallion.

“I have never thought of him getting back with me. At this moment, we are at a co-parenting level which is suitable for both of us.”

Diamond Platinumz visits his kids with Zari in South Africa (photos)

She also hinted that she is not interested in getting married again;

“I feel very independent and I can do for myself anything I want. Having a life partner, yes but a marriage, no. I am not going to sign my life away.