Days after South Africa implemented a total lockdown in the country to curb the spread of Coronavirus, Zari is already complaining.

Taking to her social media she lamented stating

I was gona take a jog. Jokes aside, in SA its not even lock down its more like house arrest. ‘

Zari bosss lady

South Africans have been told to only go out for essentials such as groceries or medical care or to provide essential services.

Public transport operates only during rush hour.

Anxiety is especially high among low-income South Africans squeezed into crowded townships with limited water supplies.

Fears of an increase in domestic violence and rape have been expressed by civil society groups.

In Kenya, the government has ordered a strict curfew for its citizens.

No one should be found outside past 7pm.

The curfew which started only three days ago, has been marred by violence as police tried to force the residents to follow the set regulations.

Hotels are only operating on take-away basis, no sitting and eating at the hotel premises.

Weddings have been cancelled, parties have been put on hold as clubs are closed.

Some people still continue to be defiant but the government is hell bent in ensuring that people stick by the rules.

Things are thick but we should listen to the government.