Man bemoans joblessness despite numerous academic qualifications

• The man's plight has even reached Eric Omondi who has asked for information about the man's whereabouts.

The Kenyan man
Image: Courtesy

Alson Manyama, is the name on the mouths of many Kenyans online after he shared his heartache at being jobless despite acquiring multiple certificates.

The man who is aiming or a PhD in 2025, lamented on social media his struggle to find work despite his achievements academically.

In a photo standing in what appeared to be a park, wearing his graduation gown (above) he expressed himself in an emotional message.

Through a Facebook post, the mans profile shows he lives in South Africa. 

"2025 Target = PhD. To be Dr Alson Manyama. You can buy papers...not degrees," he captioned photos with his academic qualifications displayed on the grass. 

Looking further at his FB profile, the man said that he recently graduated with a Master's Degree in Management - Digital Business from Wits University in South Africa.

His plight touched the heart of Eric Omondi who has appealed for information about his whereabouts.

"I am looking for this Man, Alson Manyama. We have Secured almost 400 Jobs and we will begin Distributing them soon I want him to be among the First Beneficiaries. If you know him please DM his number or Tag his page on the Comments."

Below are Kenyans reacting to the man's story:

mtunecessary.....I came to terms with the fact that going to school doesn't guarantee me employment but it definitely guarantees me a clear vision that enables me obtain multiple ways of making money. I am I the same boat with him and in 2025 I start my PhD program

bettyphilip01.....This one has refused to think outside the box. Consequences of too much education. He now feels that the world owes him according to his academic qualifications that he's blinded to see that even without education you can still eke your way in life. .....Hio pesa anenda kufanya PhD nayo ainvest na aache ufala

carols_willy ....Ukipata diploma tafta nayo kazi,iyo kazi ikulipie degree alafu you grow to a better income position,now that second position ikulipie masters,you grow again to a better income position ikulipie masters,but me naona nkiwa hapo kwa Diploma nichukue loan kubwa invest maybe in real estate,

elly_sindani ....."He feels waisted and desperate" and yet he's aiming for a PhD.. weird

solwotany....Education is no longer a KEY to success,

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