Dad of Bomet girl discloses who was to blame for viral wedding cancelation

• The story has gone viral with many online offering numerous suggestions as to why the wedding didn't proceed.

Nelly Chepkoech's dad on the left.
Image: Courtesy

The family of Bomet girl, Nelly Chepkoech who allegedly ran away from their home just a day before her wedding, has finally broken their silence.

While speaking to the media on Saturday, the day his daughter was supposed to officially marry Mr Amos, Chepkoech's father said that the church informed them that the wedding could not go ahead a day prior.

He said the church's issue with the couple getting married was that they had known each other for a short time, a notion Nelly's father disagreed with.

"I was told that their wedding will not continue. The reason is that they are still young because they have dating for six months," Chepkoech's father said.

He went on to reveal that he had already received the dowry for his daughter and was content to allow her to marry Amos.

"I said, even if it is six months, I have gone to Amos's family. I have been given a cow there, a dowry of five cows, and a little money and I am grateful. That cannot make me sell my daughter, but it is just a sign of gratitude," he said.

Chepkoech's father expressed his concern about the postponement of the wedding saying he is not sure if the couple will still get married or not.

"However, I hope to God that the wedding will continue soon. In April 2024, God willing," he said.

He also denied claims on social media that his daughter has run away from her village, explaining that he is still at home with her.

For her part, Miss Nelly Chepkoech denied canceling her wedding and claimed that the church decided to postpone the wedding due to the delay of several receipts.

"Today (Saturday) was supposed to be my wedding day, but we arrived and were told that the wedding could not take place yesterday because of the delay of some letters. But we were eagerly waiting for the day," Nelly said.

The 23-year-old denied allegations that she ran away from home to avoid her wedding, noting that she is still at her parent's house. She also made it clear that she was ready to marry Amos at a later date.

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