Home owner builds fence blocking off neighbors

Homeowner with unusually tall fence to block neighbours amazes Kenyans

• The home is said to be in Thika.

One trending image online that has captivated Kenyans to weigh in endlessly is that of a homeowner who has built the tallest stone fence ever seen in Kenya.

The picture shows the man's mansion surrounded by high-rise apartments.

At the back of his/her home, the owner put up a towering privacy fence to block the unwanted attention of tenants behind his house.

the fence as indicated above is so tall that it may pose a risk to the owner.

Kenyans are sympathizing with the homeowner saying he was probably forced to do so over terrible manners exhibited by tenants such as throwing garbage in his compound.

While the fence is infuriating some as they advise him to relocate elsewhere, others are amused at the possible dispute between him and his neighbors. Here are comments about the imposing structure:

@TwoUnity....Structurally that does not look safe.

@aomenya...Staring at blank walls! After failure of development control, Kenyan home owners are starting to take desperate measures to protect their privacy from prying eyes of neighbours.

@KintoAbaki5....But professor, when such happens one has to know their time in the city life has expired. They either consider raising the same flat or move to a differentnt location which has not been invaded

@James26713065...Supposing it falls on his house, are we going to see people complaining?

@cassidiz.....Having those balconies looking into your residential home is the most annoying. They will throw dirty water and trash into your compound and still be unruly. Best thing is to sell and relocate.

@Kamau26....Why not just sell that land and relocate to quiet and contollable areas? Change is inevitable he is the loser.

@stevenrono....It's not the eyes - half that wall would be effective is the trash, spittle and pieces of cloth flying etc

@Byron__3....The owner of the maisonette has probably complain complained multiple times about trash being thrown on his compound

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