Busia man kills wife for overstaying at home


• He is said to have punched the woman to death in a fight.

Crime Scene
Image: Courtesy

A 30-year-old man has been detained after he beat his wife to death in a village in Busia County because she had stayed too long at her parents' house.

The suspect was detained in connection with the death of 23-year-old mother-of-two Caren Auma in Igigo village, Bulemia sublocation.

The couple argued about domestic difficulties, according to the police, before the suspect fatally punched Auma during the weekend.

The dead had visited her family in Uganda and stayed there longer than her husband had intended, according to police who responded to the scene.

He became enraged by this, and when she came back, a fight broke out that resulted in the fatal punches.

Before making the suspect a target, police came at the site, picked up the body, and transported it to the mortuary.

Police said he was anticipated in court to answer to murder-related accusations.

Police are currently looking into two mob lynching cases. Police label mob lynchings as crimes.

In the first occurrence, a man was lynched by a mob in Nyalenda, Kisumu County, on suspicion of stealing tuk-tuk tyres.

According to the authorities, the tyres were found in the Juakali neighbourhood.

When the police arrived, they discovered the body there and the mob had vanished. They had fled after stoning 26-year-old Abraham Omondi to death.

The mortuary was where the body was taken.

Odiwuor Onyinge, 30, was lynched by a crowd in Rodi, Homabay, on suspicion of being a robber.

According to the police, they were notified of the occurrence and called after the body was taken to the mortuary.

The incidents have not yet resulted in any arrests.

Mob lynching incidents have been increasing in villages, which many blame on ineffective law enforcement. Police demand that suspects turn themselves in for processing and maintain that mob lynching is illegal.

Weekly reports of up to five instances are made in the nation.

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