Uses and effects of vaping, smoking, and flavored tobacco


• These are all classified as drugs.

• It is dangerous to use them

vape pen

Tobacco comes in different forms - there are flavored ones and regular ones that people smoke as cigarettes.

Flavored tobaccos are smokeless and are made as pills, powder, or sprinkle-like products. Some examples are Velo and Shisha.

Flavored tobacco may seem like the best alternative to regular tobacco but in reality, they are more harmful than regular ones.

Smoking is the burning of plant materials by exhaling and inhaling. Most of the smoking products are regular tobacco.  They include cigarettes, cigars, and pipes.

Smoking drugs contain more different things other than tobacco products including nicotine, carbon monoxide,  and tar.

Vape-  It is an electronic device that consists of a power source such as a battery and a container that is filled with liquid.

The user inhales vapor instead of smoke. The process is called vaping. Nicotine is the majority of product t that is used for vaping. 

These drugs are mostly used for fun. Some of them use them even without knowing how dangerous they are.

When you are having fun remember to consider the following effects; 

1. Causes addiction

Using drugs makes the brain get used to something and it wants more. Nicotine hits faster than other drugs.

When you use these drugs regularly they change your mindset and work just like how you are used to taking your meals at a particular time, that is the same it planning your drug intake.

This also drives the user to want to try other drugs for example those people who started vaping always end up smoking cigarettes.

2. Leads to heart diseases

Smoking leads to an increase in blood clotting risks around the heart and also in the blood vessels.

When the blood is clotted it blocks the normal flow of blood from the heart, legs, brain, and other parts of the body.

This is why some smokers end up having no limbs, voice boxes, and some body organs due to amputation that was caused by smoking.

Drugs like flavored tobacco increase blood pressure force the heart to overwork and may lead to stroke or even death.

3. Increases the risks of getting cancer

Many drug users end up having cancer to the point of amputation while others die of cancer.

When you use drugs like smoking tobacco it makes some parts of the body like the lungs and throat become dark due to the smoke tar that is trapped by the mucus.

later the place that has tar rots and leads to cancer; lung cancer and throat cancer which can lead to death or removal of that part.

4. Leads to lung diseases

Flavored tobacco increases the rate of blood pressure which makes the body demand more oxygen that overworks the lungs which may lead them to collapse.

Smoking makes the lungs scarred and also darkens the lungs. This may lead to lung cancer, changes in breathing patterns that cause asthma, and also death.

5. Leads to unpleasant mouth odor.

Using drugs especially smoking awakes the mouth and throat bacteria that cause tooth cavities which maybe cause bad breath.

Sometimes these drugs that are put under the tongue or on the gums cause rotting and darkening of that particular place hence leading to bad breath.

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