Hilarious reactions as Ababu Namwamba meets beautiful Team Kenya designer, Naomi Wanja

The Sports CS's short tenure has been met with mixed feedback from Kenyans


• Cs Ababu Namwamba has tongues wagging on Twitter after meeting with the lady behind the Team Kenya's national jerseys.

Naomi met with the Cs to show him some of the designs she has for team Kenya.
Cs Ababu Namwamba and Naomi Wanja Ngare Naomi met with the Cs to show him some of the designs she has for team Kenya.
Image: Twitter

Kenyans once again have taken the chance to pick on Ababu Namwamba, the Sports Cabinet Secretary.

He recently met with Naomi Ngare, the lady who is behind the beautiful designs the national teams representing Kenya have worn to the Olympics and international games.

She was showing him some of the designs she has made before and what she would like to make for them.

People picked on him just because of the many rumors that have been circulating around him and the appointment of ladies part of the team of the Talanta Hela creative representatives.

Most people's concern was that he was dealing with a pretty lady, and he might just take advantage of her.

Others were questioning whether did it have to be the lady who met him.

Some also took to say that this was just an honest meeting and that people should stop insinuating as she deserves to get that recognition for the good job she does.

Below are some of the comments;

Emma Too™@Emma999Too I have met Wanja and she’s legit, your tweet boss is wanting, can’t a woman or a beautiful woman do clean business without these assumptions and guessing games that suggests otherwise?! She’s been designing sportswear uniforms for a while now, do your research before you unleash trolls on her. Below is her work, voted the best at the Olympics even.

18 plus Kenyan@GKukubo Kwani hii ministry ni ya favours za gal child tuuu

Robinson M'tai@Hastonrobie Next week she's in Dubai kufta international market

ZalMoh@zalmoh_isaack Everytime you see "CS ababu meets,,," it has to be a baddie

Silent Eloquence@AlbertKirimi He mostly meets women! His meetings are not about policies on sports and youth affairs for all but specific people! Damn!

King J @Ro_Jamoh Amewacha wapi Azziad?

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