Some reasons why a vasectomy might fail

How vasectomies work


• Vasectomies are reversible  procedures done as a method of male birth control.

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Just like family planning is for women, the vasectomy procedure is the male method of family planning.

When you get a vasectomy they technically block your sperm tubes to prevent ejaculation.

It has been advised useful for men who want to control their rate of child bearing till a time when maybe they are ready.

The procedure is done in two methods with and without a scalpel being involved.

In the first method called conventional vasectomy the doctor makes a cut in your scrotum to be able to get to the tubes.

They then go ahead and cut ends of each tube and then stitch the ends.

The other method involves no scalpel where the doctor feels for each tube under your scrotum and uses a clamp to hold it.

The doctor goes on to make a hole in your skin, widens it and lifts the tube out.

They then cut the tube and seal it or they can just stitch it.


This process assists during sexual intercourse you wont be able to produce sperms but you can reach maximum pleasure.

It is a procedure that takes 30minutes more or less and you can go back home right after its done.

The procedure only leaves you with mild pain, swelling to the scrotum and a little bleeding.

Only a few men have reported to have pain that doesn't go away after a while.

Although there are some symptoms if you notice you need to go back to the doctor;

  1. Persisting pain or discomfort in the scrotum.
  2. Inflammation or a hard lump in the scrotum which can be caused by leaking sperm.
  3. When fluid collects around the testicle causing a lump or swelling.

The procedure is considered 100% effective except in situations where the tubes rejoin then sperm produced can be passed out and cause pregnancy.

Which is something that rarely happens if the person took the right measures after getting the procedure.

You are advised to go for check ups and follow ups with the doctor for the next 3 months consecutively to ensure the tubes are intact and not rejoining.

This is a reliable method of birth control as it is affordable and it is also a one time thing.

Vasectomy procedure is reversible and you can get it undone once you are ready to start child bearing.

Once ready you just get back to the doctor and your tubes will be untied for you to be able to ejaculate.

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