Kakamega man who underwent vasectomy finds out wife is pregnant

He offered to do family planning instead of his wife

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• He says doctors have explained why it backfired.

• The wife is pregnant with their fourth child.

Image: Manuel Alejandro Leon from Pixabay

A 36-year-old man who underwent a voluntary vasectomy in 2022, has been stunned by the news from his wife that she is pregnant.

The man from Kakamega told Citizen tv in an interview that he agreed with his wife to do a vasectomy after having three children. He offered to do the family planning because he felt women shoulder the burden too much.

"After three children we were okay without more children, in fact we initially wanted two, but in Covid one more came. Tulipokaa chini na make wangu tukaona ni vyema tukfanya njia ya kupanga uzazi."

As men mostly tunasema kwamba family planning ni mambo ya wanwake we tell them to go make decisions about the method they need to use."

So I went and was done for Vasectomy which is permanent in July last year and the doctor told me ningekuwa safe after 20 ejaculations or after three months. So we were safe until mwezi wa kumi."

That was in July 2022, when he also expressed a bit of fear about the decision to undergo the snip. His wife is now heavily pregnant leaving his family in shock.

He told Citizen he thought he was safe because the method offered a three-month window of safety He then noticed that his wife has not had her period in a while. "Nikamuuliza sijaona this time uki edna vile."

She told him maybe it was irregular periods because of the pregnancies. Later in December, they went to the doctor to find out if she was pregnant.

The test came out positive. "Ilikuwa stress kabisa kama familia. We talked to the doctors and they assured us that it's a normal thing and there are two possible ways."

The husband explained that perhaps one of the ways of explaining the pregnancy was that there remained some sperm not removed from the surgery, or the process failed.

The man has now been advised that he does a sperm count with his wife due to deliver in June next month.

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