'All the people in heaven look Chinese,' Tanzanian pastor claims

She said she has seen Jesus many times because she often goes to Heaven to participate in God's meetings.

Piece by: Moses Sagwe

• The pastor said that she had even been to hell.

Mfalme Zumaridi.
Image: Instagram/Mfalme Zumaridi.

Mfalme Zumaridi, a female pastor from the Mwanza region in Tanzania with a large following has opened up about her controversial statements including seeing God face to face, going to hell, and also to heaven at different times.

In an exclusive interview with broadcaster Millard Ayo, Zumaridi, whose real name is Diana Bundala, said that the first time she encountered God was in the third grade.

"When I was in the third grade, I was born by God in the form of the sun, the sun came inside while we were sleeping with my mother at night. It lit up inside and there was light, and it started saying to me 'I am God' three times.

The sun was playing on the wall with a loud echoing sound..." she narrated. After that conversation with her 'God', Mfalme said that she was ordered to get up from the bed and climb on the lion's back and after a few seconds she found herself in hell.

When she got up, she was ordered to look at what she left behind and saw that it was her body, and was told that that is the body that remains when a person dies and what she left behind was only her soul.

"We were walking in hell, I was shown dead people, they were just bones. There was a great darkness in hell, but when we arrived, the light appeared amazingly. Strange what I saw in hell, those people follow me as if I am their savior..." Bundala narrated, saying she was led by the Lion who was 'God'.

After that, they left with the Lion and suddenly she was brought back home where she was sleeping with her mother.

The wonderful pastor who was acquitted the other day said that later when she got married, she found salvation and new strength to the extent that she started praying for 9 hours in a row with her hands raised. 

"My husband came and left me and I returned home I was filled with a vision and found myself in the glory of God, completely in the dark.

Later, an angel came to take me to God the Father's office. The light that brought me out of the world welcomed me.

God told me that he has brought me to Heaven with a covenant to lead the world. I took a metal pen-like gold and signed. Yes, I have seen him many times, I have been to heaven many times. In heaven, the houses are tall, the towers are tall and everything is golden. All people look the same. They all look like Chinese," the King said.

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