• Pastor Ezekiel now says young people need God in their life.

• He also asked parents to bring up their children with love.


Pastor Ezekiel New Life Church.
Image: courtesy

Mombasa based pastor Ezekiel is a troubled man after a congregant admitted to dreaming about having relations with his wife Sarah.

The young man admitted to having uncontrolled lust for women.

Further admitting that he does not know how to differentiate between a young girl and a woman.

"I don’t distinguish between old and young women." He admitted

The young man added that he picks up women late at night due to the nature of his work.

“I know it is a young woman when I leave the club.

However, I discover that I took home a much older woman in the morning.

They usually wear makeup at night, and I wonder if I slept with a goat in the morning.”

The man then shared a dream he had about his wife, Sarah.

"You will have to forgive me. I was watching your channel when I slept, and I dreamt that I had taken your wife." 

His sentiments left the preacher and the congregation laughing.

“Our children need God, and when you hear them speaking from their hearts, they are hurting. They need direction. Parents, raise your children with love.” 

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