Four ways to naturally increase your nyash

A big nyash or a small one does not define who you are.

• These tips are only applicable for someone who would want to boost their nyash.

It is no lie that most women would give anything to have a big nyash.

But the sad reality is however that not everybody has been gifted the same.

Below are natural ways to increase your nyash.

1. Work out

You can work out and lose weight, and after that engage in nyash toning exercises such as squats.

2. Wear padded bikers

This might sound like a bad idea but it isn't. One can invest in padded bikers to help increase the nyash.

The beauty of this idea is that no body part will be affected and it is cost-effective.

3. Use butt-enhancing supplements

Butt-enhancing supplements are available as pills and contain natural herb extracts like maca root, saw palmetto, and other phytoestrogens.

When selecting a supplement, ensure it has estrogen, responsible for the growth of buttocks and breasts in women. 

There are numerous brands of supplements available in the market. These drugs are effective for butt enhancement without any exercise, and clients should only consume them under the guidance of a medical specialist. 

4. Regular butt massage

Get a regular butt massage Deep tissue butt massage has several wellness benefits. It helps relax the gluteal muscles and eases pressure on other parts of the back, spine, and legs. 

When overworked or tight muscles can relax, they can recover more quickly, which helps prevent muscle pain, strain, and damage. 

Butt massage also helps to boost circulation in that area, strengthening the muscles and enlarging the booty. Apply the massage cream to the buttocks and beneath the butt cheeks. You can use coconut oil to massage your butt and make it bigger. 

Coconut oil also has numerous skin and hair care advantages. You can also use fish oil or gasoline to massage your behind for 15-20 minutes twice a day until you get the desired results.


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