Video: Armed and rowdy police officer in banking hall terrifies customers

The Police Service has reprimanded an officer behaving rowdily in a banking hall

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Customers on Coop Bank left stunned.

• The armed officer in police uniform kicks his hat repeatedly. 

Armed robbery shot dead after trying to rob equity bank
Armed robbery shot dead after trying to rob equity bank
Image: Instagram

An armed police officer, acting rowdily and threatening an unspecified person in a video has been reprimanded.

The incident took place in the banking hall of a Cooperative Bank, as customers watched stunned by his actions.

The video shared on tik tok by Philemonte, was recorded by a customer, and much of the audio is inaudible.

The male officer is seen walking around frustrated about a phone. "I need my phone, my f* phone hapana I need a f* phone," he rants.

The police officer walks along two counters slamming the countertops. He then walks back to another police officer quietly watching what he is doing.

"Ni nini? Shida iko wapi? I need my phone, mimi si bro." He then takes off his police hat and throws it angrily on the floor. He goes on protesting about the gadget.

After that, he walks off the screen of the phone, continuing to mumble unprintable words.

He then reappears again on the video, this time holding his hat as he once again throws it on the wall upset. He violently kicks the hat at the wall of the office near the counter.

He points his hand at the police officer demanding for his phone; "Give me my F* phone, I want my phone, io tuu!"

Watch the video below;

The National Police Service was tagged by multiple people about the dangerous actions of its officer. The Twitter account of NPS responded that action has been taken.

"NPS is seized of a matter circulating on social media where an armed police officer in uniform is seen behaving in a rowdy and threatening manner within the premises of a local bank. The behavior portrayed, which we condemn as it doesn’t reflect the NPS core values."

The service further added;

"It is unprofessional and posed a risk to members of the public. The Service has already taken remedial action and the matter is being handled administratively."

Kenyans have expressed concern, noting that there is need for officers to get mental health treatment.

@JosedeMwaura1·In the service you have the professionals who undertaker counselling, where are they? Something need to be done at the ground moreso at Nakuru East subcounty.

@ndirangumurage·The guy is frustrated. He must have seen his salary and is infuriated with what is in it. We know they’re not well paid. It will take the current government sometime to consolidate funds owing to the current state of our economy. They have a serious uphill task.

@apollok1·1It could have been handled inhouse but since hamtaki kuskiza askari ata mkiandika kwa shosho media haisaidii

@mark_mwit·1Huyo ofisa is stressed up kindly assist him

@misslynnkuthuka·And also our police are going through alot and experiencing alot its also nice we come up with away of helping them kindly

@Alfienganga·For some of these cases, please consider counselling services before disciplinary action.

@Tumbarak·2This guy needs help as a priority not disciplinary action otherwise he may do worse things soon

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