Thee Pluto and Felicity Shiru expecting their 1st child together

The young couple have moved in together despite not being officially married

Piece by: Dennis Milimo

• Thee Pluto and  Felicity Shiru's confirmation come after weeks of speculation that they are pregnant

• The young couple have moved in together despite not being officially married

expecting their first child together
Thee Pluto and Felicity expecting their first child together
Image: Instagram

Kenyan YouTuber Robert Ndegwa Kamau popularly known as Thee Pluto and his girlfriend Felicity Shiru are expecting their first child together.

The young couple made the announcement through a video shared on Felicity Shiru’s YouTube channel and netizens could not help but gush over them with lovely comments.

The confirmation come weeks after reports went viral on social media that the two are expecting their first child, but they opted to keep mum about the subject.

“We wanted to keep this as private as possible but she convinced me…This is a family we are talking about. At first, she was also for the idea of not announcing the pregnancy,” Thee Pluto stated.

On her part, Felicity explained that she convinced her boyfriend to make the news public as a way of avoiding unconfirmed speculations from Netizens.  

“Being a social media person, sometimes you go outside and people are funnily looking at you. Like Felicity you are pregnant and you haven’t announced it to us. So I just wanted to avoid all that,” Shiru explained.

She added;

“I am very excited and I can’t wait to meet this baby over here. It’s a new journey and soon I am going to be a mother,”

On his part, Thee Pluto aka the Street Sanitizer said that he has already been walking the fatherhood route but happy that his family is expanding.

“I have 52 kids who can call me a father. But among those, I have only fathered one, a daughter and you guys know that story and why I am not with her ," the YouTuber stated.

The two further disclosed that currently they are living together but not officially married.

Don’t you feel you are too young to start a family at 22? a questioned was posed at them.

“I don't think age is a factor here or at what age do you think people should be parents,” the two responded.

Thee Pluto and Felicity Shiru rekindle their lost Love

In January 2022, Thee Pluto and Vlogger Felicity rekindled their lost love months after their much-publicized breakup.

The two made the announcement via Pluto’s YouTube channel, confirming to their fans that they are back together.

“We are back together na tunapendana,” Felicity said.

“We are almost two weeks, na hakuna kubebana ujinga,” added Thee Pluto.

Currently, Thee Pluto is among fast-rising YouTubers in Kenya through his show that exposes cheating partners.

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