7 celebs who pamper their pets like they do their kids

Outlandish things celebrities have done for their pets


• Paris Hilton built a mini-mansion for her dog that is furnished with a chandelier and a tile roof.

• Kylie Jenner has two doggies that she adores so much that she built a dog mansion for them.

Grace Ekirapa's dog pet Ace.
Image: Instagram

We all have or some of us have pets that we love so dearly and they are part of our family. We take care of them and ensure they are loved and well-fed.

As for celebrities they always want to take things a top-notch higher.

We have looked into the most outrageous things celebrities have done for their pets;

  • Moshe Ndiki

Moshe Ndiki is a South African actor who held a lavish burial ceremony for his dog Sugar. 

He surprised many on social media when he posted pictures of the burial celebration and how he spent millions on preparations.

In a clip on Instagram, the actor captured a beautiful set-up done by professional party planners.

It was an all-white theme party with balloon arches, portraits of his pet, and flower arrangements.

He wore his best shades and attire for the occasion.

He captioned the video;

"Thank you to everyone that sent condolences, attended the funeral, and sent us heartwarming messages. You’re truly appreciated. Thank you to my friends and family for understanding my pain and how much I loved my pup @sugarndiki always and forever."

  • Sandra Mbuvi

Sandra Mbuvi the daughter of the ex-governor of Nairobi lives a lavish life and she makes sure her dog lives the same.

During a Q n A on her Instagram stories, a fan asked what her dog has and she said she had a menu for what he has in a week.

Kenyans could not seem to wrap their minds around the menu and they joked about how the dogs lived better lives than them; they also compared their dogs' lives to their village dogs' lives.

  • Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is known for her lavish lifestyle and her dogs are no exception.

The dogs live a glamorous life, they get to wear designer outfits and jewelry. Paris Hilton built a mini-mansion for her dog that is furnished with a chandelier and a tile roof.

The dog's mom hired an architect to design a replica of her house for the dog in her backyard.

  • Kylie Jenner

The reality show star Kylie Jenner has two doggies that she adores so much that she built a dog mansion for them.

The mansion for the two dogs Norman and Bambi has air conditioning, a white fence, and a mini porch.

The mansion is big enough that an adult would fit in to say hello to the dogs.

  • Megan Thee Stallion

Hot girl meg is a sensational hip-hop rapper, she has multiple dogs that she keeps as her pet. Megan thee stallion takes her dogs on music tours with her and they get to travel across the world.

She has a TV reality show that features her dogs where she meets up with A-list celebrities for a fun event. The dogs are fortunate to meet celebrities that we only see on our screens.

  • Karl Lagerfeld

The late Karl Lagerfeld head of design of Chanel had a cat, ‘Choupette’ for a pet that is treated like a queen.

Choupette has two maids that take care of her all the time. To maintain her coat one of the maids brushes her four times a day. 

The maids get to play with the choupette and keep her busy. Choupette is a millionaire as she campaigned for two projects that earned her three million euros. 

When Karl passed on the left a chunk of money as an inheritance to his cat, currently choupette lives in Karl’s housekeeper where she’s taken care of.

  • Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey a diva is expected to do the most for her dogs. She spends her millions on her dogs for lavish dog vacations and spa treatments. She takes them on a private jet for dog luxury in England.

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