Monkeys to Snakes: Unusual pets people keep (List)


•Justin Beiber once owned a Capuchin Monkey.

Unusual pets
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Pets are considered companion animals meant to entertain and give company rather than work or help with the daily duties.

Most pets are kept within the household due to their relatable personalities, good looking features, and intelligence levels but some are accepted regardless.

There are a number of celebrities who have owned unusual pets from the likes of Justin Beiber who once owned a Capuchin Monkey to Jennifer Garner who owned a chicken.

Having a pet can be a handful jobs but having an exotic one requires your full-time attention. Here is a list of unusual pets celebrities have had as companions.

  • Snake

Snakes are one of the most feared wild animals but some find them as amusing and interesting companions to keep around.

The famous singer who goes by the name Beyonce had a snake as her pet and her name was Fendi who she loved watching television with.

Some consider boa constrictors type of snakes as very friendly and safe compared to other types of snakes.

  • Monkeys

Monkeys are cute in nature but require the attention of a four-year-old kid. This basically means, handling all the aggressiveness and biting, often changing its diaper and feeding it frequently.

Celebrity singers such as Chris Brown and Justin once owned a Capuchin monkeys as their pets

  • Tigers and lions

Having a lion or a tiger as a pet is a very bold move because of the risks that come with them. A tiger is among one of the most feared wild animals but celebrities such as Mike Tyson would prefer a tiger over a car.

  • Chicken

We have seen people have chickens as their pets instead of having them lay eggs for consumption.

The famous actresses  Nicole Richie and Jeniffer Garner had a chicken as their pet and proudly posed and posted them on social media.

Other weird pets include

  1. Rats
  2. Racoon
  3. Porcupine
  4. Tarantula
  5. Pygmy goat
  6. Skunk

What's the most weird pet you have ever seen?

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