RIP! Veteran journalist dies, to be buried today

Joe Kadhi
Veteran journalist  Joe Kadhi

News reports this morning claim that renowned journalist Joe Kadhi passed away in a Nairobi hospital.

According to family, Joe died last night at home and will be laid to rest today.

Due to his advanced age and prolonged hospitalization, reports indicate that Joe may have passed away from an unidentified ailment.

The Voice of Africa broke the news of his untimely death, although the cause of his untimely death was not disclosed on the news outlet's social media pages.

Joe was hailed by many as the nation's "godfather of print media," had a distinguished media career and taught journalism at the Universities of Nairobi and Addis Ababa.

Media professionals and netizen who knew him on the internet have sent their sympathies and best wishes to his entire family, wishing them peace during these tough times.

Media Council's Victor Bwire penned a moving tribute to the veteran journalist.

Bwire said, "Mzee Said Joe Kadhi.....I thank God for granting me the opportunity to learn, work, stay interact and enjoy your generosity and humility...

Thanks mwalimu and Rest in Peace...

The lessons, life skills, case studies, books, trips, training sessions, mentorship and nyama choma sessions....

Great researcher and writer....we tried to get the universities you had associated with to consider a Honorary Doctorate was never honoured...The 13 chapters you had written for a publication of journalism ethics in Kenya will be published...that's the least I can do for you mwalimu...."

Another Facebook user, Terry Wanjah, also paid tribute to Joe.

Terry reminisced about the time he was her lecturer at the University of Nairobi. She wrote, "I'm very sad. My Mwalimu Joe Kadhi has rested. He made me fall in love with News Writing.

''A journalist must have a knack for news'', then he would add, ''A good journalist must have a nose for news and an eye for details.'' At this he would pose and then let out his signature loud laughter, leaving us freshers mesmerized by the 'nuts and bolts' he had just outlined in class......RIP SoJ Champ."

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