Zuchu unfollows Diamond's sister on IG, Esma responds

WCB signee Zuchu has unfollowed Diamonds sister Esma onInstagram

• Esma followed suit and revealed why that was the case.

• Zuchu and Esma are said to be beefing.

Esma and Diamond
Diamond Platnumz sister Esma Esma and Diamond

WCB signee Zuchu has unfollowed Diamond's sister, Esma Platnumz. Esma in a phone call with Wasafi Radio said that she didn't at first notice what Zuchu did.

But after scrutinizing her followers, Esma followed suit and told Diva the Bawse that she didn't care. Esma explained that unfollowing each other on social media is not a big deal.

"I don't use Instagram as much you know. My business is taking up all my time. I don't remember the last time I was there, even my posts have reduced these days niko busy I am unable to update IG a lot."

Esma has a boutique that keeps her so busy too, she added. "I'm so busy at my shop  natafuta pesa. na wateja."

Had she Zuchu's account?

"Ah, I  don't look at her account even my mother Mama Dangote's account I don't t look I'm busy."

Has Esma tried searching for Zuchu's name on her follower list to see if it is missing?

"Yes, I have seen. That issue nimeblockiwa na wifi yangu. My in-law has unfollowed me and let me ask you will it make me broke? Even if you decide to unfollow me I won't lose sleep. I don't care."

When did their beef start? Esma said that she wasn't aware where their beef started.

"I last saw Zuchu when we went to visit Mama Dangote in hospital when she was admitted.  She came to the hospital to see her and  we were very friendly with each other, we laughed and joked, a lot."

Esma said she is not too worried about it.

"In short me and Zuchu are not close, mimi na Zuchu hatuna ukaribu naye siku zote. I only see her when I go to WCB offices where she has gone to do her stuff, or when she goes to Simba's house to the studio we greet each other. The only person I am close to is Mbosso."

It is to be recalled that Diamond's mother at one time unfollowed Zuchu, over her relationship with her son.

It was said that Sandra wanted him to date another woman called Aaliyah, who was rumoured to have been pregnant for him.

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