•Esma Platnumz is friends with Wasafi TV host Aaliyah who is Zuchu's nemesis.

Esma Platnumz with her mum Sandra

Friends? Esma Platnumz sister to Diamond Platnumz has revealed that she and Wasafi signee Zuchu are not friends.

Esma says they only have a formal relationship. Speaking during an interview with Global TV she said, "Zuchu and I are not friends but when I meet her I say 'Hi'.

I have never heard Zuchu or Diamond saying they are dating. Does it mean that when someone dances with someone they are dating?

They are tight because they have a boss and employee relationship."

Esma says she and Wasafi TV host Aaliyah are bosom buddies. Aaliyah was in the past accused of having an affair with Diamond.

"When I moved to the place I am currently living I did not know that Aaliyah lives there.

One day I was driving the car out of the compound when I saw her.

After we realized we live in the same compound is when we started getting close.

Sometimes I ask her to check up on my kids if I am not around."

WCB reporter Aaliyah and Diamond Platnumz
Image: Instagram

Speaking about her failed third marriage, she said, "I do not miss my marriage. If you see someone missing their broken marriage just know they are new in this field.

I get a proposal every other day but I am not ready for marriage yet.

I turn down the offers politely because I do not want to ruin some of these friendships. After all, we are getting married."

Esma had been married as a third wife by Tanzanian businessman Msizwa.

For her wedding, she was gifted a brand new BMW by her husband Msizwa during their wedding reception.

The mother of two was left dumbstruck after her husband and her in-laws gifted her the new car.

Msizwa's two wives were in South Africa.

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